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Curriculum Expectations

  • All teachers fully implement high quality, deeply rigorous, and fully aligned TEKS Resource System curriculum.
  • Follow and understand the depth of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and follow the TEKS Resource System Curriculum for the content area and teaching assignment.
  • Incorporate student objectives and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) in lesson and unit planning.
  • Know the distinction between the readiness, process, and supporting standards from the TEKS content standards eligible for assessment.
  • Instructional strategies will closely match the cognitive complexity level evident in the TEKS.
  • Process skills will be assessed in context, not in isolation, which will allow for a more integrated and authentic assessment of learned skills.
  • Lesson plans are school-specific and based on the TEA’s Effective School’s Framework.  Sample: Elementary lesson plan template, Secondary lesson plan template; ESF sample lesson plan template
  • Complete lesson plans per campus expectations prior to the team or department planning. 
  • Instructional Coaches will provide support and feedback in the design and implementation of fully aligned lesson plans.
  • Copy electronic department lesson plan to your personal lesson planner and, if necessary, alter your personal changes to the instructional strategies five days prior to beginning the lesson.

Instruction & Feedback

  • All teachers' instruction is constantly improving in its alignment to TEKS and instructional practices due to actionable, evidence-based feedback.
  • Utilize instructional decision points that include high yield researched-based instructional practices and 7 Steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom to help students achieve the learning.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in Professional Learning Communities to review data, align instructional strategies to meet student needs, and improve learning. 
  • Teachers are encouraged to reflect and adjust instruction daily based on checks for understanding and student feedback, such as exit tickets or formative assessments.
  • Utilize Thinking Maps in classroom instruction.
  • Instructional coaches will provide reflective instructional feedback through coaching sessions.

Data-Driven Instruction (DDI)

  • All teachers incorporate results from analysis of periodic common formative assessments and/or performance tasks to inform instruction and address student misconceptions and preconceptions.
  • Prior to teaching, review 9 weeks assessment and plan according to the rigor of the assessment with a focus on  Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies to teach the objectives: Comparing - Similarities, Contrasting - Differences, Classifying,  Summarizing, Reinforcing, Practice/Feedback, Linguistic Representation, Cooperative Learning, Generating/Testing Hypotheses, Cues and Question Strategies.
  • Analyze 9-week assessments, which measure grade-level progress on the state standards and be prepared to discuss results with principals and campus leaders.
  • Re-teach and adjust teaching practice based on the analysis of student progress against the standard.
  • To assist with monitoring student growth and effective instruction, students will take a Star Renaissance test four times a year.

Culture of Safety & Development

  • All educators report feeling part of a safe, risk-taking environment where it is safe to try new things and get smarter at implementing the state standards.
  • Utilize and implement EC's PR Plan.
  • Post Classroom/Teacher Expectations.
  • Communicate high expectations where all students develop and continuously improve through practice, feedback, reflection, and teacher interventions.
  • Smile and greet students at the door every day and every class period.
  • Communicate and foster a caring environment which promotes a growth mindset for both students and adults. 
  • Work to “Capture Kids Hearts.”
  • Contact and communicate with parents regularly, per campus expectations.




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